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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much are the photos?
Pricing can vary depending on the event, so we don't have a traditional price list.

Pricing for each type of photo is available in the #1 picklist on each page of the Large photos

Collages and Action Posters
Pricing for Collage and Action Poster images is 'per' photo
Just select each photo you want in a Collage or Action Poster as either a 'Collage Image' or as an 'Action Poster Image'

How do I order a Collage or Action Poster?
Ordering a collage is a 2 step process to order:

  1. Add the images you would like in your Collage or Action Poster with the 'collage image' (min 3) or the 'action poster image' (min 2) items from the pick list of products.
  2. During checkout, fill out the 'special instructions' section with any wording/design elements you want to be included on the collage. (ex: Name, #, Team, Year, Tournament, Background color, wording color, etc)

Collages (min. 3)
3-7 images will be printed 12x18
8 or more images will be printed 16x24
Action Posters (min. 2)
2-4 images will be printed 12x18
5 or more images will be printed 16x24

Examples of Collages and Action Posters.

What is a Digital Negative / Game CD / Tournament Special / Image CD / CD of Digital Negatives / Web-ready Image?

Digital Negative / Game CD / Tournament Special / Image CD / CD of Digital Negatives
  • What is it?
    • The original image that the photographer captures.
    • These images are 4 and 8 megapixel images from professional Digital SLR cameras.
    • These are the same images that we start with before creating prints, collages and enlargements.
    • The CD of Digital Negatives is just the entire game/match sent to you on a CD/DVD.
    • There will be NO watermarks nor copyrights on the photos.
  • What can I use it for?
    • You can print as many copies of the image as you would like.
    • You can use the images on a non-commercial website (i.e. Team, School, Family, Club, Personal, etc).
    • Make smaller versions and email to family/friends.
    • Great for making lots of prints for recruiting packages.
  • What can I NOT use it for?
    • You cannot sell the image.
    • You cannot have the image published in a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, or commercial website.
  • What is the Tournament Special?
    • ALL photos from 1 team from 1 event for EVERY member of your team plus 1 for the coach.
    • You order it by selecting 'Tournament Special' from any large image from any game that your team played it. When you check out, let us know which team your would like the DVDs for and how many copies. We ship you howevery many DVDs for each member of the team and 1 for the coach.
  • What is the Game CD?
    • ALL photos from 1 game
    • You order it by selecting 'Game CD' from any large image from any game that your team played it. We know which game the image is from and will send you ALL the photos from that game.
Web-Ready Image
  • What is it?
    • An edited and cropped image approximately 500 pixels on the long side
    • The image will include a copyright notice similar to those on the website.
    • The image will NOT include any watermarks
  • What can I use it for?
    • Hosting on a Personal, Team, School, Club, Family website. (If you could send us a link to the page where the image is, that would be great. The photographers like to see the images being used.)
    • Slide shows.
    • Upload it to your iPod to show friends/family when on the road.
    • Put it up on to show off to friends.
  • What can I NOT use it for?
    • Printing. Sorry, these images are not designed to be printed, also the license we have with the photgraphers when we sell a web-based image procludes the customer from printing them. If you would like a print, please order one of our print options.
    • Use on a commercial website (recruiting, newspaper, magazine, newsletter, etc)

I've added images to my cart, but they don't show up when I 'View Cart' nor goto 'Checkout'
Our shopping cart uses 'cookies' to track which images you are trying to purchase. Your's are probably turned off :(

Please make sure your web browser (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc) is setup to accept cookies and to accept cookies from and

Get Firefox!

I see your logo instead of the images. What is going on?
We're sorry you are having touble viewing the images. The system displays the logo when it is unable to determine where you are coming from.

Please send the following information to info. The operating system name and version that you are running? (ex: WinXP, Win98, Suse 8.2, Mac OSX, etc) Also the name and verison of the web browser you are trying to view the images with(ex: Netscape 7, IE 6, Opera 7, Konqueror 3.04, Mozilla 1.4). This helps us in our testing to ensure things work properly for all the varous combinations.

Certain versions of microsofts' internet explorer don't adhere to all of the web standards, some versions on certain OS's don't send in the proper information to our servers.

One thing you might want to try is using a different web browser. Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and Konqueror are all a little better at implementing standards and we have never had any trouble with any of these browsers.

How long does it take for my prints to arrive after I've ordered them?

Orders are usually shipped within 14 days of your order.
Every image is edited by hand before we send it to the lab for printing.
It then comes back to our offices for quality control, labeling, packaging and shipping.

If you pay by 'Check', we wait for the check to clear and then the 14 days starts.

Collages take longer than regular prints

Soon, we will have online order tracking so you can follow the progress of your order.

Why do some images have weird colors?

The images on the website are meant for proof purposes only. They are only intended to show the content of the image, not the final output. Prints that are ordered will be of MUCH greater quality, we guarantee that!

I don't see my team or sport listed. Can you photograph it?
It is very difficult for us to cover every team/school at every event. We try to make a schedule that will cover each team/school at least once.

If you would like us to cover a particular event, please request us and we will see if it fits into our schedule. We do ask in return that you help spead the word about what we are doing and what we offer.

Do you use digital cameras? (also, what equipment do you use)
In not so many words, Yes. The photographers we work with all use professional level digital cameras and lenses. The high end digital cameras are the same ones used by top photogrpahers working for national and regional magazines and newspapers. Digital capture allows us to present the images almost immediately following an event. For example, you can view and order images from your softball game minutes after the game concludes and while the tournament is still going on.

Each photographer chooses their own equipment based on their own needs and preferences, but we have found most sports photogrpahers use Canon's line of cameras and lenses.

Can I use your photographs?

Yes, after an image is purchased it may be used for personal display in a home, school or office. You cannot scan nor download the image and place it on a website or in any sort of publication. The latter would constitute a violation of US copyright laws and would need to be licensed for such use.

Do you digitally manipulate your images?

Not in the sense that some people think. Yes every image is manipulated in some way digitally. Most of the time it is to adjust the brightness, contrast, or colors, remove dust and to crop the image. We do NOT change the nature of the image(adding fingers, removing people from the background, etc). This type of photo-manipulation goes against the grain for a documentative photograph.

What do you take pictures of?

We mostly take pictures of sports, the action of teams and individuals participating in most type of sporting activities.
If you would like Action Athletics to come in and photograph the individual and team posed shots, we can accommodate you, most of the photographers we work with have this capability.

Like the photos you see here? Want the same coverage of your event?
Request Action Athletics to cover your next Tournament, Picture Day, Camp, League or Playoff game.

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